Modern nursery decor - which theme is for you?

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At Milk and Poop our nursery designs are colourful, expressive and fun - packed with personality (just like your little ones). There's no boys or girls range; just gorgeous designs that we know your babies, toddlers, kids will love!... But if you're struggling with how to pick a theme to decorate your baby's nursery, then here's a helpful guide.

Electric Youth: Bold with a touch of attitude

The Electric Youth collection is designed for monochrome lovers and features sassy slogans, graphic prints and pops of yellow.

If your child is.... 

Outgoing, curious and full of energy! 

If you like this, you will love...  

CarlijnQ, gorgeous mono-print apparel from New Zealand


Peppermint Sugar: Soft and dreamy

Peppermint Sugar creates a calm backdrop to any nursery with cool pastels and greys, delicate geometric shapes and hand-drawn illustrations.

If your child is.... 

Gentle, thoughtful and free-spirited

If you like this, you will love...  

Turtledove London and their gorgeous organic garms


Monster Squiggles: Playful and cheeky

Monster Squiggles mixes a rich palette of reds, blues and yellows with graphic patterns and mischievous monster characters.

If your child is.... 

Imaginative, cheeky and fun

If you like this, you will love...  

Boys&Girls and their bold unisex prints



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