The secret of baby bedding by Ooh Noo

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There’s nothing worse than washed out and bobbly cot sheets. That’s why we chose Ooh Noo when we were deciding which bedding to include in our nursery bundles. Ooh Noo are a team of young designers and artists, making beautiful things for the home. Their stylish nursery furnishings first came about when one of their designers became a mum and she realized how few baby products really stood the test of time. She wanted to design and produce hand crafted baby bedding that would be passed down from generation to generation.


Before long she found herself designing cot sheets and bedding with the rest of the Ooh Noo team and road-testing them at home with her little ones. It was only the most durable and popular designs that made the final collection. With a mix of flax linen and pure cotton sheets, Ooh Noo’s bedding is designed for intensive use (which any parent will tell you is a must when you’ve got little people to deal with!).


Ooh Noo not only understand the importance of durability but they also share our love of design. Their original monochrome artwork couldn’t fail to capture our imagination; from the soft and calming Geometric Web and Tiny Triangles through to more daring designs like Zebra, Ladybird and their signature ‘Look at Me’ cot sheet.


When you’re busy decorating your nursery, it’s often these little details that get overlooked but it’s these small details that often have the biggest impact. A patterned cot or cot bed sheet (which is always on display) can bring some much needed design to an otherwise plain and boring box room. Plus, if you can keep it for baby number 2 then that’s got to be a bonus right?!...

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