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We've bought four kids slides since Wolfie was born. Yep FOUR! We've tried the plastic fold-away toddler slide, the freestanding garden playground slide (think 80s metal vibes) and even splashed out on a Climb 'n' Slide combo but the wooden Jupiduu slide is our firm favourite.

Unlike its' garish plastic cousins, I'm happy to have our Jupiduu slide take pride of position in our home. It's sleek, modern and suitable from 1 to 4 years old so even though it's on the more expensive side - it's a worthwhile investment. 

Jupiduu kids slide

Like most toddlers, our wee man needs his exercise. A bit like a young labrador puppy he gets his second wave around 2pm. That's when the Jupiduu really comes into its own! With child friendly steps for little feetsies and high sides it's safe for even the most tenacious tots.

Available in a range of playful pastel shades - pink, green, blue and white.

Jupiduu toddler slide dimensions


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